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A Company Logo with Phone Number, is a Great Low Cost Solution for Marketing Your Company

Outdoor Industries, LLC, located in Guilford, CT, is a newly established company looking to utilize their fleet of trucks as a marketing tool for their business. A company logo and phone number on the doors is a great solution.

One of the partners in the Outdoor Industries, LLC was referred to us by a previous client of ours, Chris, co-owner of the Tiny Foundations Northeast LLC. Having seen the graphics we had installed on Chris’s truck and they were very interested in doing something similar on their fleet of trucks. Contacting us via email, the owners, Kevin and Mark, provided us with their logo and an idea what they wanted to do. The goal being to show case their logo and use it to drive their brand recognition.

Outdoor Industries, LLC was established in January 2017. Owners Mark DeCillis and Kevin Lafferty combined their years of experience to provide their clients high quality landscaping services. They start with a comprehensive design. From the design they bring the creation to life and then provide you maintenance plan to keep your landscaping looking great! To find out more you can contact either Kevin or Mark at (203) 350-2275.

Kevin sent me several files, from his graphic designer, showing the graphical layout they wanted on their trucks. From there we created a proof for approval. Once approved, we started with one truck and kept rotating them through until we were done with all three. For this particular layout we chose 3M high performance cast vinyl, white, for the lettering and 3M IJ180 print wrap vinyl for the logo itself. Both of these products would provide good outdoor durability for years to come.

In addition to the vehicle graphics, they decided they also need some small stickers to use to identify their equipment, as well as, some lawn signs to attract new clients they were driving by the landscapes they were involved with.

If you are a business owner looking for a cost effectively solution to attract new customers - Look no further than you vehicles. Whether it’s simple graphics and lettering or a full custom wrap, your vehicle can be advertising your business 24/7/365 driving customer to your business. The experienced One Look staff is ready to help you design the vehicle graphics solution that fits your needs and budget. Call 860.581.8574 or email, us today for a complimentary consultation. Let us help you, Be Seen!

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