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The Papercraft Clubhouse - New Location - New Image

Papercraft Clubhouse moved from to a new location in Westbrook, CT and needed signage to help customers, old and new, find them. A double-sided post and panel sign was determined to be the best solution for visibility from the passing traffic.

Papercraft Clubhouse was established in 2010 by owner Tracie Larson after spending 5 years working for the Scrapbook Clubhouse where she taught lots of classes and learned the business. Their goal was to create a “clubhouse” type atmosphere…a very friendly environment. To find out more check out their website at … check out their calendar to see what’s happening.

We decide to construct the sign components out of ¾” thick MDO, a painted black with gold and white cast vinyl. The black, gold and white color scheme created good contrasts making a very readable sign. All of the signs were mounted to between two cedar posts painted white and finished off with decorative post caps.

For business owners it is important to evaluate your signage every now and again. You want to make sure it is still effectively conveying the correct image to your customers and catching the eye of new ones. You really owe it to your business to repair or even replace worn and faded signs. Changes in sign technologies and materials could me a more efficient and longer lasting sign for your business. To help you find the right solution for your application give us a call at 860.581.8574 or email, for a free consultation. Let us help you Be Seen!

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