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The Lee Company of Westbrook, CT Displays New Wall Murals

A phone call from a design/marketing firm recently led to working with The Lee Company, a local manufacturing/engineering company, with a rich history. This company started from humble beginnings in 1948 and has grown steadily ever since. The designers were looking for options on how to display this company’s lengthy historical timeline in a new buildings they had just finished constructing.

The designers were looking at options for displaying the timeline on the walls in the buildings. After understanding the parameters we determined the best solution would be a custom printed mural. Wall murals are an excellent way to way to transform you office into something everyone will be talking about. And when it comes to designing a wall mural the possibilities are really endless.

There are a number of options available when it comes to creating wall murals. One option is to create custom printable wall coverings. These wall coverings can either be paper, vinyl and fabric based. In some cases there is even a variety of visually impactful embossed textures…from subtle stipples to artist canvas to leather to distinctive stone finishes.

Another option is vinyl banner or stretchable fabric installed in a stretch frame mounted to the office wall. This is option offers the flexibility of being able to easily change the mural or move its location.

In this case we decided the best option would be to laminate print vinyl. This solution was chosen given the mural was not going to be changed in the foreseeable future and being in a high traffic area they needed the protection of a laminate. We explored several options and settled on a 3M product – 3M IJ40C with 8509 luster over-laminate. We installed the mural in one piece, 58” H x 192” L. We prepped the wall and centered the mural on it. Then we used tape to secure it in place and keep it from moving. Working diligently from one end we remove the backer and, using a squeegee, we worked the vinyl to ensure we had good adhesion to the wall. The company president was ecstatic with the results. Another happy customer!

We also worked on a smaller version of the timeline for one of their other buildings :

You, too, can decorate your home or business with custom wall murals. Give us a call. We can help!

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